Andy Webster from the NY Times reviews You are in an open field!
You only have this weekend and next week to see the show. There will be snacks.Tickets.
Oh look, our faces in New York Magazine.
For the love of GOD, come and see me rap about my genitals.
(via The Approval Matrix - Week of May 14, 2012 — New York Magazine)
We did a good job.

Bess Rowen from NYTheatre.com reviews our new Hip Hop Musical Video Game, You are in an open field.
Watch my 8-bit self jump and rap!

A little Gif snippet from the video for “You are in an open field” the new play/musical/rap show about video games and identity. 
There are 48 more hours to Donate to the project!
Buy some tickets!
Usually all I have to say is, “We’re doing a hip hop musical about video games and identity,” and most people tend get this wistful glaze over their eyes as if to say, “Yes - my entire life has been leading up to this exact moment. All those hours of playing Nobunaga’s Ambition and Bard’s Tale with my older brother have brought me here.”

Adam blogs for the awesome folks at RocketHub to talk about You are in an open field, Video games, and Crowd Funding.

RocketHub - Your Creative Launchpad (via nyneofuturists)

I’m Adam!

Teddy has his adventure outfit on today. We just had our put together rehearsal for You are in an open field. Costumes! Props! Music! Video! 

We only have a few days and a few hundred dollars left to go in our Rockethub campaign.